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Ayurvedic Orthopaedics

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Orthopaedic condition is well explained and documented in the literature of Ayurveda in the name of “Bhagna Chikitsa.’’ Many of the new techniques are well developed for the management as per the condition Acharya Sushruta described exclusive’s about fracture, it’s etiology, classification, and various modalities of the management. Bhagna in ancient period were commonly encountered problem occurs in war and attack by animal etc. but in the present time these are commonly as a result of RTA. Bhagna was explained by Acharya Sushruta depending upon nature of trauma, shape of fracture, displacement of fracture fragment and fracture with or without wound.If it occurs in the bone it is called as “Kand bhagna” (bone fracture) and in the joint it is called as “Sandhimoksha” (dislocation). The principle of fracture of fracture management defined by Acharya Sushruta centuries ago are as per condition suggestive conservative or surgical treatment. conservative modalities includes Kushabandh, Alepa, Chakrayoga,Taila Droni etc are still relevant .The Western medicines take over in the management of complicated fracture with the introduction of many surgical instrument like intramedullary nails etc. and delays fracture union and healing poteintial. This paper expounds the wisdom of orthopaedic branch in ancient times especially fracture and it’s management with possible modern correlation and how much knowledge existed and how well organized was it so many centuries ago.It would be worthwhile to explore this unique feature for use in present times. The concept, theories and techniques which were practical several thousand years ago hold true even in modern era.

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