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Greevabasti is an Ayurvedic therapy designed to address neck pain and related issues. In this therapeutic procedure, a reservoir made of black gram dough is created around the neck region, and warm, medicated oil is poured and held within it. This localized oil bath helps alleviate neck stiffness, muscular tension, and discomfort. Greevabasti is known for its ability to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and nourish the neck muscles and joints. The treatment is particularly beneficial for conditions such as cervical spondylosis, neck strain, and associated discomfort. By targeting the affected area with specific Ayurvedic formulations, Greevabasti aims to balance the doshas, especially Vata, which is often implicated in neck-related issues. As with any Ayurvedic therapy, it's essential to consult with a qualified practitioner to ensure the treatment aligns with individual health needs and conditions.

Greeva Basti

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